Financial Economic data

Albanian Post Society S.a during 2005-2011 is economically empowered, presented a financial performance and leader of service market.
Profit and incomes of the company, result with  grow from one year to another,  at the end of the year 2011, respectively the profit is increased around 1.5 times more, compared to the year 2005, meantime the incomes are almost 1.8 times more.

Number of postal objects accepted as well as of the objects per person of the population is increased almost 3 times and a half more, which demonstrate for a raise of credibility toward Albanian Post.
At the end of 2011, to over 148 thousand retiree is delivered the pension at home, 62 thousand retiree received the pension at home, since 2005.
Financial Transactions are almost doubled. 
To fulfill our mission of offering the services, we have used with efficacy our wide postal network which is grown in qualitative and quantity terms. The number of postal services is increased from 531 since 2005, to 553 in 2011, and is also activated the movable post. With the motto, to be always close to the client and considering him as a “king” to serve him quickly, we have increased the number of postal offices, in which is offered a wide range of  quite 90 postal,  financial, bank, business, services etc.

Among these services, besides the traditional ones, with special value we can mention the services offered along 2010 and on, selling of the electronic security Certificates and internet free access in every postal office supporting the initiative of the Government “Albania at internet age”.
The empowerment of transport fee, is performed with the increase of the number of motor vehicles (vehicles and motorcycle), at disposal of Transit Center and of the affiliates, thus increasing in almost 5 times more, since year 2005. For the security of monetary values, during their transportation, all the affiliates are equipped with armored type vehicles.
It is also offered the transport service in every part of Albania, with 50% of the market price.
With the increase and reactivation of offered services, simultaneously are opened  new job positions, in the last  5 years and a half, are recruited around 655 new employer, by affecting somehow a very sensitive social problem, diminishing unemployment and increasing the  welfare of Albanian families.

The qualification and training of human resources has been one of the priorities of the company aiming to approach the qualitative levels with European standards.

Defining the criteria based on the contemporary levels, recruiting the new employers, led to the increase of the employers with higher education which shows an increase of professional level at work and ethic-cultural as well.
Using the means of its own, the company carried out investments for years, which increased around 18 times since 2005 aiming:

•  turning into identity the existing offices and the performance increase in the postal offices in the suburbs and rural areas.
•  Information technology and services development in the universal counters

Albanian Post, creating a new and consolidating performance, became a leader in the services aspect.Its equities are doubled, comparing to the year 2005.

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