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The proclamation of Albania's Independence on 28 November 1912 marked a major turning point in the history of our nation. For the specific significance of the Albanian Post, the first national government of Ismail Qemali on December 5, 1912, set up a special telegraphic ministry, whose minister was Lef Nosi.

Historical date of Albanian Post:

May 5, 1913 It was issued the first Albanian postage stamp, which was a black seal, which was printed in 2232 envelopes,  creating its irreplaceable symbol even nowadays.

July 7, 1913 The official application to join the Universal Postal Union and the International Telecommunication Union, a membership that became possible in 1922.

Bern April 30, 1921 Announcement of the International Office of the Universal Postal Union for the General Directorate of the PTT of Albania on the receipt of the Albanian party's request in regard to postal correspondence.

July 22, 1924 – It was established the Albanian Post Telegraphist Association of Albania, which at its extraordinary Congress on July 27 - August 4, 1924, approved the relevant statute and regulations aimed at securing and protecting the rights of PTT employees.


Tirana, 12 November 1936 Decision of the Council of Ministers on the Drafting of Postal Law.

Tirana, 20 May 1947 Decision of the Council of Ministers on the adoption of the regulation on postal and telephone services.Tirana, July 25, 1979 Decree of the Presidium of the People's Assembly for adherence to the amendments adopted by the XVII Congress of the Universal Postal Union.

Tirana, July 26, 1991 The Order of the General Director of PTT for the set up of the Albanian Post Enterprise.

Tirana 1992 Telecommunication services are shared by postal services in accordance with international recommendations.

Tirana 1996 Albanian Post started offering for the first time the financial services.


Tirana, December 29, 1998 The Order of the Ministry of Public Economy and Privatization "On the transformation of the Tirana`s Albanian Post into the joint stock company Alba Post".

Tirana, 18 May 2001 Order of the Ministry of Public Economy and Privatization "On amending the statute of Alba Post in the joint-stock company Posta Shqiptare Sh.a"

Tirana, 30 November 2011 Order of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy "On the Approval of the Status of Albanian Post Association S.A."


During these years of existence in the market, Albanian Post, it transmits  its motto: “Fast. Secure.Everywhere” as the best slogan for its customers. The goals of the Albanian postal service for the future are clear and meaningful towards European integration basing on new technologies, to be closer to the customers, at competitive prices in the market of our services.

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