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Organizational Structure

Leaders of our Company
Legal Form Society: Society Shareholders (JSC)
The only shareholder is the state represented by the Albanian Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy. Organization and management bodies of the Company determined the status of the Company, adopted by the only shareholder, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy represented by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy.

Management units of the company   are:
-Supervisory Board
-The Head Office

Supervisory board consists of   6 (six) members. The members of Supervisory board are appointed by Minister of Economy according to criteria defined in legal acts. 
Competences  of  Supervisory Board:
Supervisory Board constantly monitors the Managing divisions of the company. Supervisory board authorizes the Head Office to perform operations that can not be carried out by it without its authorization. Supervisory board has the right to verify and control at any time documentation that it considers necessary for fulfilling its obligations. Supervisory board determines the number of Head Office employees and assigns its members (when they agree) not less than 2/3 of the members of Supervisory board. Supervisory board settles the level of internal audit unit of the company as a detached structure. It appoints the division Director by using the same procedures as those of Head Office personnel. It approves the annual program of financial and economic development and internal audit; it analyzes and controls   its quarterly performance. 

Supervisory board proposes to Minister of Economy  the following  issues ;
-Establishing and changing the short term, middle term and long term activity program of the company.
-Investing on the financial year as well as taking measures that would require changing of initial funds of company.
-Opening to new activities and units for changing the company’s objective.
-Selling of resources that represent a permanent asset of the company.
-Creating new corporate and contributing in the capital of other companies. Obtaining mid-term and long-term loans as well as for any other issue that according to the law of commercial companies is the competence of the assembly.

The Head Office
The Company is managed by the Head Office. The number of Head Office personnel is determined   by the vote of 2/3 of all Supervisory Council members. Albanian Post s.a Head Office is managed by the General Manager and three Deputy   Directors.
General Manager Mr.  Majlind Lazimi
Deputy   Director Mrs. Angjelina Kola

The Head Office represents the company in association with the third parties. The Head Office is legally powerful to act on behalf of the company, except cases that the law charges Supervisory Board or Stakeholders Assembly.  Head Office takes decisions with a simple majority of member’s vote, when not less than half of its members are present. The General Manager legally represents the company. The General Director organizes, coordinates and manages the Head Office activities at the performances of company administrations. He represents the Head Office in relation with the third parties, Court, Supervisory Board and Assembly. General Director signs agreements or contracts for which the Head Office   is authorized by the Supervisory Board. He is responsible for company’s activity, and on its behalf he quarterly reports to the Supervisory Board. He proposes to the Supervisory Board candidates of the head office members and Directors of the branches to be appointed or dismissed. He sings the Head Office Decisions for the implementation of   certain tasks for the company administration.
General Manager organizes  the work on composing  the economical-financial  draft-program of  the company  and after the  approval of Stakeholders Assembly (Ministry of  Economy)  manages the work to be implemented  by all its members and structures.

The Ethic
The Head Office of Albanian Post s.a is committed to manage its activity with integrity, honesty and justice based on the laws, regulations and standards of a progressed company.

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