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It was a necessity for the computerization of postal services, at the current stage of the Albanian Post, which the last few years has tripled the number of services, has increased fivefold the number of postal items, when the competition in the postal services market requires the access of the new information technologies, when the standards of the postal service set by the UPU and PostEurop (the universal postal organization) require exchange of information between postal operators in real time.

On 25 November 2012 the Albanian Post reached the complete computerization of postal services at all levels of the operational chain. Currently, every postal item is registered online in the software at the time of reception, processing, transportation, up to the final delivery. After each mailing, the customer is equipped with the receipt of acceptance, which contains complete information with the data of the item posted. The entire postal network is online and it exchanges information in real time between post offices, affiliates, Transit Center etc. This software enables the tracking in real time of the transportation of postal deliveries, according to the specified chart, identifying the means of transport, its route and the postal deliveries it contains.

The biggest beneficiary of the computerization is the customer. On the receipt of acceptance of the item it is marked a barcode with 13 characters, through which the item posted is tracked. The customer receives this information in several ways without the necessity to be presented in the post office where the item is received. Therefore, entering the official website of the Albanian Post, just need to write the barcode in the section "track and trace the item" and the information on the status of the item is displayed in real time. This information can be also obtained at post offices. There have already been set navigators in the halls of the postal service offices, informative devices easily accessible by each customer, by which the customer gets complete information with just one click on services, types of services offered by the Albanian Post, mailing fees according to weight and destination, transport routes by which postal deliveries are forwarded, post offices all over the country, postal codes. Just need to have the receipt of acceptance and to select the section "track and trace the item" and write there the barcode of the item and the information in real time on the status of the item is displayed on the screen.

This device enables the customer to fill the online claim form in which the customer submits his claims or suggestions for services provided by the Albanian Post. It is also carried out an electronic interface with the international postal tracking and control systems of postal items through the computerization program. The latest module attached to the computerization process is the computerization of the mobile postman or the Digital Postman. The postman is already equipped with the portable computer through which he carries out the scanning of the postal item, delivery confirmation through the digital signature, online broadcasting on the status of the item in real time and the printing of the receipt confirmation.
The program enables the locating of the postman through the GPRS system.


In the 100th Anniversary of Independence, the Albanian Post is awarded with the "Naim Frashëri" Order

The president of the Republic expressed his highest consideration to the Director General of the Albanian Post by emphasizing that "Mr. Gorea knows how to offer the skills of a master in organization, management and leadership ". The Head of the State stressed that one of the most remarkable contributions of the Albanian state in 100 years is the postal service.


The president of the Republic, Mr. Bujar Nishani, awarded yesterday the Albanian Post" JSC with the Golden "Naim Frashëri" Order, with the motivation: “For 100 years of outstanding contribution in the interest of public service”. In addition, the Head of the State also honored the Director General of the Albanian Post, Mr. Arqile Gorea, with the "Grand Master" Order, with the motivation: “For significant contribution to the reformation of the Albanian Post; for its contemporary management in order to be closer to the public interest”.

Mr. Nishani expressed his high consideration for the hard, voluminous and devoted work of the Albanian Post employees over years, as well as their high professionalism, which made ​​it possible that over years the Albanian Post play an important and indispensable role in establishing and maintaining communication between people, in the entire territory of the Republic of Albania, serving the interests of the Albanian citizens, on time and efficiently.


100 year Albanian Post; Inauguration of the computerization of every cell of the company

In the framework of the activities of the 100th anniversary of the Albanian Post, it was presented yesterday in the premises of the Directorate General, the mail computerization program, as well as a concrete demonstration of online communication of every cell of the Albanian Post was made. 

The Albanian Post is established in contemporary levels, through this program, by creating opportunities of digital communication with national partners such as banks, financial companies, businesses up to the more simple customers, but also with the international partners such as the members of the UPU and PostEurop. The Prime Minister of Albania, Mr. Sali Berisha, the Secretary General of the PostEurop, Mr. Botond Szebeny, executives of Post of Kosovo, Macedonia and Slovenia and other participants attended this ceremony.

The program of computerization of all postal and financial services of the Albanian Post was introduced during this event, as well as the inauguration of the newest service named "Digital Postman", by which postal services will be carried out, and later on financial services, wherever the customer is. Following the visit to the premises of the monitoring center where all the digital data coming from every corner of the country is controlled and coordinated, the Prime Minister Mr. Sali Berisha assessed the improvement of the quality of services of the Albanian Post, which provides to the citizens over 90 services in the highest and the most secure standards that exist in Europe or Worldwide.


Computerization of the Albanian Post Counter

 In the framework of the 100th anniversary of Independence and the implementation of the postal strategy for modernization and computerization of services delivered to the citizens, the Albanian Post JSC has started the implementation of the computerization program "Eterna".

This project constitutes one of the biggest investments that the Albanian Post has made ​​in the field of information technology. The project includes the computerization of all postal and financial services that the Albanian Post provides in the market, ranging from simple receivables, postal deliveries domestically and internationally, parcel post, EMS, telephone, electricity, penalties payments up to retirement payment, financial transactions inside and outside the country, etc.
The application of this technology is currently in the first stage of the implementation and testing, and at the beginning of the next year will be functional in the post counters.
Every action carried out at the counter will be electronic rather than manual and any time the customer will be able to track his package through our website

The price “Golden Certificate of Quality”

On the 100th anniversary of independence, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the Albanian Post, UPU assessed the company with the Golden Certificate of Quality. There were only six postal administrations which have been evaluated with this price, on October 1, in Doha, Qatar.

The price was handed to the Director General of the Albanian Post himself, Mr. Arqile Gorea, who leaded the delegation of the Albanian Post in the proceedings of the 25th Congress of the UPU, dated 1 October 2012, where he attended one of the sessions on “Postal Services and their qualities”, with the participation of about 450 delegates from the five continents of the world.

 The Universal Postal Union had organized the awarding ceremony of Certificates of The Quality, according to the levels obtained from Postal Administrations, after the test of measuring the quality of service provided by the auditors of PostEurop and UPU. According to the assessments made, the certificates have been given to 31 Postal Administrations in four categories, namely “A” Category - Gold, “B” Category - Silver, “C” Category - Bronze and “Entry Level” Category. 15 Certificates of “B” Level – Silver, 9 Certificates of “C” Level – Bronze, and 1 Certificate of “Entry Level” were also handed during this ceremony.

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