Albanian Post JSC celebrates 9 October, World Post Day

In this remarkable day we express gratitude to all the postmen and all employees of the postal service throughout Albania, thereby appreciating their performance as one of the cornerstones of the activity of the Albanian Post.

World Post Day is celebrated each year on 9 October. This day coincides with the anniversary of the foundation of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in 1874, in Bern, the capital city of Switzerland. It was declared World Post Day by the UPU Congress held in Tokyo, Japan, in 1969. The aim of the World Post Day is to create the awareness of the role of the postal sector in people’s and businesses’ daily life and its contribution to the social and economic development of countries. The celebration encourages member countries to undertake planned activities aiming at creating a broader awareness of the role of their Post and activities among the public and media on a national scale. Each year, more than 150 countries celebrate World Post Day in different ways.
During the event on the occasion of this celebration has been organized a festive ceremony where Mr. Ardi Çela, CEO of the Albanian Post, during his greeting speech stated: “Today is World Post Day.We are here together with Ms. Qanie to express our gratitude for her 38-year contribution to the postal service of the Albanian Post. Together with Ms. Qanie we would like to thank and express gratitude for all the postmen and all employees of the postal service throughout Albania, thereby appreciating their performance as one of the cornerstones of the activity of the Albanian Post. At the same time I would avail of the moment to provide and communicate to all the citizens and all our customers that the Albanian Post will always be near them with new services, with more qualitative, fast and secure products”.

Later on, Mr. Çela gave an assessment to Ms. Qanie Kurti for the work done so far, where among others he said: "Thank you for your contribution over years, as you inspire us with your work and the example you have provided in the Albanian Post". Furthermore, in the framework of these celebrations, on October 9, the Albanian Post JSC will give the envelope with the logo of the World Post Day, for free, for the customers who will be presented at post office counters in Tirana Post Affiliate. This will aim at being closer to the citizens but meanwhile appreciation for the work carried by the staff, who has been more than anyone at the service of the customers.


The price for the Albanian Post and Mr. Gorea and the letter of Mr. Botond Szebeny

At the conclusion of the meeting of all the chief executives of postal administrations, member countries of PostEurop, Mr. Botond Szebeny, Secretary General of PostEurop handed to Mr. Arqile Gorea, General Director of the Albanian Post a honorary price with the motivation “Given to Mr. Arqile Gorea - Director General of the Albanian Post "In gratitude for his contribution to the postal European industry”, a price that was accompanied by a letter of acknowledgement for the work carried out by the Albanian Post. In this letter is written: - “Dear Mr. Arqile Gorea, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the PostEurop I would like to thank the Albanian Post, which is one of the first members and one of the most remarkable public postal operators regarding management. I would also like to congratulate the Albanian Post about the results achieved during the last years in all the dimensions of the businesses and services. It was a pleasure for me during these last years of my career as General Secretary of PostEurop that I have had the opportunity to cooperate with Albanian Post staff and in particular with the Director General, Mr. Gorea”.

In the following it is written: "It was really a pleasure to meet him personally in several events organized by PostEurop and the Albanian Post. During my visits to Albania I have personally seen and noticed the vigorous developments. The postal European industry is affected by rapid and drastic changes which are related to the nature of the business, the digital economy, the increasing of the volume of packages in terms of e-commerce. At the Forum proceedings of the 20th anniversary of PostEurop was also attending the former Director General of the Universal Postal Union, Mr. Edouard Dyan.

As always he is not missing in significant activities of the postal service since he has given a remarkable contribution in the progress of this service. After the assessment by the PostEurop, in an interview for the "Postman" newspaper, Mr. Edouard Dayan said that the Albanian Post has provided a new vision of postal services in the entire country, not only enabling the survival in the market but also finding new growth opportunities. “You have reflected in essential steps in various areas, such as quality of service, innovation and digital services, and based on these, you have also been assessed during the 25th Congress of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in Doha Qatar, as one of the six best administrations in the world, where you received the "A" level of the Quality of Service. This took place in the presence of 193 postal operators and more than 3,000 delegates from around the world.

The Albanian Post has been increasingly looking for getting new operational tools to increase the number of services, incomes, to explore innovative ideas and to implement them in the best way. One of the strongest points the Albanian Post management remains the reconciliation with new models of the market, technology and human resources. The Albanian Post has achieved a high performance which at the same time proves its ability to analyze, understand and meet the needs of the customers. For this reason you deserve our utmost support. A big gratitude to our excellent collaborator”.

“Thank you Mr. Gorea for your cooperation during these eight years and for the fact that you have been a model of inspiration for all of us”.
"Yours sincerely" - concludes his letter Mr. Botond Szebeny, Secretary General of PostEurop.
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