Is part of fast service segment that Albanian Post offers all over Albania. We deliver within two hours any kind of order in Tirana and the other day till          10 o’clock we take the orders of our clients throughout the country with much more economic fees than any other private company operating at liberalized market.

 Internal express service the two last years is expanded and has multiplied the number of accepted and delivered objects and has increased the number of clients as population and official as well, thus increasing the contract number entered among them and Albanian Post. Albanian Post offers preferential fees and assures standards in rapidness for Clients having contract for express permanent and with considerable volumes, express permanent


Express Tirana

In Tirana City a brand new service “Express Tirana” functions for more than one year, each day of the week from Monday till Sunday 24 hours nonstop. Through telephonic number 2 378 493 you can surprise your relatives by sending a gift, a bunch of flowers or what you wish, documents, postcards etc. 

This service helps you within 30 minutes all over the Tirana City. Just a phone call, and the currier will immediately be there to take your order and send it at the required destination. This is what we offer to our clients by increasing their trust but even the satisfaction of our service as well.


Documentation Legalising with Greek Embassy

It is Albanian Post that offers 100 % express service it is carried out through Greek Embassy in Tirana as well as Greek Consulates in Korca City. The clients are  presented at the counter of postal office with documents for legalization in Embassy, the payment receipt paid in Bank,   payment receipt as well as a photocopy of identity card. 

In case one of the members of the family at the document presented to the Embassy, has Greek Nationality, then the documentation legalization is done after the respective Civil status replies officially  to the Greek Embassy. For Tirana City the legalization is performed within 24 hours from the time of acceptance, and for all the districts of our country till at the most remote areas in 48 hours


Penalty Evidence

It is express service offered 100% by Albanian Post through the Head Office of Prisons  . 

The application cases from the citizens in Albanian Post are:

1.  When people ask declaration of court status for punishment
2.  When people ask declaration of court status for the Embassies
3.  When people ask declaration of court status for abroad

In 553 postal offices of all the affiliates we do accept envelopes containing the photocopies of the Identity Card, the application form which is filled at the postal office as well as the payment receipt with the obligation for DBP.
In Tirana city the legalization is performed within 48 hours since the time of acceptance and for all the districts of the country at the very remote areas it is within 72 hours. 


The Documents Legalization with the Foreign Affair Ministry.

It is one the express services offered by Albanian Post. The speed, the accuracy, the reliability of this service led to the increasing of the client’s number who trust to Albanian Post. 

In 553, postal offices of all the affiliates we do accept envelopes containing documentation for the legalizing at the Consular Office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as cashed all the obligations for the Consular Office. In Tirana city the legalization is performed within 48 hours since the time of acceptance and for all the districts of the country at the very remote areas it is carried out within 72 hours.  We are in service every day of the week with the only aim to be helpful to the citizens, saving their precious time and expenses for those who were obliged to come from the districts and expected at the long ranges. 

The performance of this service through Albanian Post, does not only offers speediness, safety, facility, and reliability, for all the clients but is has given an end to the penalty of the citizens through the realtor abuse.

The fee appliance – The express postal service fees in Tirana, Shkodra, Lezha  are 170 lekë for two directions (Departure – Arrival, Sender - Receiver) regardless of the weight.

For other cities they are 380 lekë for two directions

In case the person present itself individually at postal office, his identification is done through:

- Passport photocopy.
- Identity card photocopy.
- Other document.

 Declaration of legalized documentation:

- Certificate sealed in Prefecture
- Medical Reports – sealed at the Public Health Directory or at Ministry of Health.
- The school promissory – approved by the Education Directory or the Ministry of Education
- Job declaration  - approved by the Work Office and the Work Ministry  
- Declaration from private subjects  The signature of the President of the Subject attested by the Notary.
- Social Insurance verification – from Social Insurance and Institution of Social Insurance in Tirana.
- Penalty evidence – Original
- University Documents – The Rector Signature
- Court Decision –Court  Chancellor  (not later than 3 months from the launching date).
-Declaration from the Prosecution – Prosecutor or Chancellor
- Property Attesting – The district mortgage institution or the Central mortgage institution in Tirana
Documents that don’t have to be legalized

1.  Documents coming from various countries with Apostike seal.

  1. Each document issued from foreign countries institutions 
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